“The energy and charge of the music cast its spell on every one of us in the audience...”

“You gave the performance of a lifetime...”

“The Deadly Nightshade sidles into the song -- sly, back-alley, side-street truckin’ music with the hint of burlesque gum-popping, hip-swaying strut and flounce... ”

The Deadly Nightshade Band

- one of the nation’s first all-female bands



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The Deadly Nightshade: Please Check Your Coats, Guns, and Preconceptions at the Door.

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Never Never Gonna Stop

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How to Play the CD’s Videos:

Mac Users: when you put the CD in, it automatically opens up iTunes. Move (or minimize) the iTunes window and look on your desktop for two round CD icons. Click on the icon named DN1001... the videos are inside a folder. Double-click each video (one at a time) to view with QuickTime.

PC Users: go into My Computer and find the directory for your CD drive. It will list the videos by title (they are numbered 1-5 with the name of the song). Double-click each video (one at a time) to view with Windows Media Player.